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Eyes, Eyeshadows, Makeup


Eyes, Eyeshadows, Makeup


Brand: Luxvisage
SKU: eyeshadow 111


Liquid shadows are easy to apply, lay down evenly, dry quickly and set on the skin, acquiring a velvet matte finish.

They have a high hiding power and create a dense and at the same time thin weightless coating from the first application.

Blend easily and smoothly with both brush and fingertips. The comfortable fluid texture is not felt on the eyelids during the day, does not dry out or tighten the skin.

The eyeshadow is resistant to water, retains excellent hold and a flawless make-up look for 12 hours, even on overhanging eyelids and oily skin.

They do not fade, do not roll, do not imprint, do not smear, do not crack, do not sink into the folds of the eyelids.

The handy, flat, soft applicator ensures comfortable and precise application of the optimal amount of shadows, pointwise or over the entire surface of the eyelid.

The palette of 6 delicate natural shades will gently emphasize the expressiveness of the eyes and add freshness and depth to the look.

The versatile shades are perfect for nude and everyday express makeup.

How to use: Apply eyeshadow to the eyelids with the applicator and spread evenly with your fingertips or with a flat bristle brush. If necessary, blend the edges of the application with a fluffy artificial bristle brush until the texture is dry. The product can be used as a base for compact eyeshadows to enhance the color intensity and improve the hold.


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