Night Hydrogel Hydrating Mask with Hyaluronic Acid and Algae Happy Time

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  • Brand: Belita-Vitex
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Thanks to a powerful natural cocktail of active ingredients, the mask works hard throughout the night, so that in the morning you enjoy the result:

deeply hydrated and vital skin

mimic wrinkles are less noticeable

bright, fresh, even complexion

The most delicate hydrogel mask with hyaluronic acid and emerald algae is suitable for all skin types, but especially useful for skin suffering from dehydration, prone to dullness and premature wrinkles.

Hyaluronic acid delivers moisture to the depths of the epidermis, provides long-term skin hydration and maintains optimal hydrobalance, helps smooth out wrinkles and creases caused by excessive dryness of the skin.

Emerald algae compensate for vitamin and mineral deficiencies in cells, help to strengthen collagen fibers, improve skin elasticity, give it a fresh, healthy look, evening out complexion.

Regular application of the mask helps to postpone the appearance of signs of aging and to keep the skin fresh, firm and radiant for a long time.

How to use: Apply on clean skin a thin layer 30-40 minutes before bedtime. Do not rinse. Use 2-3 times a week instead of a night cream.


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