Hydrophilic Makeup Remover Gel EGCG Korean Green Tea Catechin

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  • Brand: Belita-Vitex
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Features of the hydrophilic makeup remover from the Belita:


- EGCG Korean Green Tea Catechin dissolves waterproof pigments, removes impurities from pores, cleanses dust, sweat and sebum

- Korean green tea hydrolat has a deep moisturizing and anti-inflammatory effect, eliminates redness and effectively fights acne breakouts

- hyaluronic acid strengthens elastin fibers, reduces the depth of mimic and gravitational wrinkles, and smoothes folds

- active ingredients soothe redness and irritation, even out the complexion and eliminate discomfort

- the components create an invisible barrier that does not allow the negative influence of aggressive environmental factors


How to use:

Apply the product on dry skin of face and eyelids, massage until the impurities dissolve and rinse thoroughly with warm water. Repeat if necessary. Then use a toner, serum and cream.


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