Gel Lip Tint Kiss Me Again Relouis

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The incredible durability of the product is provided by pigments that are absorbed into the surface of the skin for a long time. Thanks to this, the gel tint will not smudge, will withstand any snack and will not leave marks on the skin The gel formula does not dry out the skin and is absolutely not felt on the lips. No glitter! Only bright color and pleasant sweet taste!

How to use:

prepare the surface of the lips with a scrub and balm. Apply a few drops of gel tint to the center of the lips and blend with your finger to the contour to get the effect of “kissed” lips. For a permanent make-up effect, apply the product with the applicator all over the lips. Each next layer will increase the intensity of the color! How to use as a blush - apply a few drops of gel tint to the apples of your cheeks and quickly spread with your fingers, with patting movements. Optionally, apply a second layer for maximum color saturation


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