Keratin Enriched Shampoo Dead Sea

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  • Brand: Belita-Vitex
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Keratin shampoo is an innovative tool that allows you to provide your hair with a comprehensive cleansing, healing and regenerating care.

The keratin-peptide complex fills voids and microroughnesses in the hair structure, restores, thickens and smoothes the hair along its entire length. The surface of the hair becomes mirror-smooth, the curls acquire a radiant shine.

20 healing minerals from the Dead Sea nourish and revitalize hair, fill it with vitality from root to tip, reduce fragility, give firmness and elasticity.

Procapil enhances microcirculation in the scalp, strengthens and rejuvenates hair follicles, preventing hair loss, and stimulates the growth of strong healthy hair.

The result: strong, healthy, smooth hair with a mirror-like shine.

How to use: Apply the shampoo on damp hair, massage gently, then rinse with water. Repeat the procedure if needed. For best results use the Dead Sea balm.


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