Keratin Enriched Hair Balm Dead Sea

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  • Brand: Belita-Vitex
  • Product Code: hair balm 001
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Enriched Hair Balm, thanks to a rich formula with a high-tech keratino-peptide complex, enhances the effect of the shampoo and effectively works in 3 directions: restoration and health of hair, giving a shiny mirror shine.

Micromolecules of hydrolyzed keratin, containing a high concentration of amino acids necessary for hair, penetrate deep into the hair structure, replenish the lack of proteins, "complete" damaged structural bonds, carrying out a powerful regenerating effect.

20 healing minerals from the Dead Sea intensively saturate hair with essential nutrients, strengthen and heal hair along their entire length, restore strength, elasticity and smoothness.

Procapil activates microcirculation in the scalp, stimulates the regeneration of hair follicles, and enhances the growth of strong healthy hair.

A cascade of conditioners disciplines unruly hair, removes "frizz", thickens, gives silky smoothness and glossy shine.

The result: strong, healthy, smooth hair with a mirror-like shine.

How to use: apply the balm on washed hair, distribute evenly over the entire length, soak for 1-2 minutes, rinse thoroughly with water. Style your hair in the usual way.


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