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Eyes, Eyeshadows, Makeup

Liquid Eyeshadow METAL HYPE Luxvisage

Eyes, Eyeshadows, Makeup

Liquid Eyeshadow METAL HYPE Luxvisage

Brand: Luxvisage
SKU: eyeshadow 001


Long-lasting liquid eyeshadow METAL HYPE is a trending eye makeup product with a bright metallic glow.

Intense colors with a high content of pearlescent pigments create a dense, luminous finish from the first layer.

TheMETAL HYPE liquid eyeshadow texture lets you create eye-catching eye makeup in just a couple of minutes.

It is incredibly easy and quick to apply, evenly layering and shading to the desired density – from bright shine to a delicately glowing veil.

The shadow dries quickly, retains the brightness of color and shine for up to 12 hours. Absolutely light and weightless.

Does not require a base. Easily removed with any makeup remover. Contains moisturizing and emollient ingredients.

Apply with the applicator or a brush for a high-gloss finish. For a translucent, delicate glow, blend the shadow with your fingertips.


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