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Lips, Liquid Lipsticks, Makeup

Lip Tint “LIP TINT” Luxvisage

Lips, Liquid Lipsticks, Makeup

Lip Tint “LIP TINT” Luxvisage

Brand: Luxvisage
SKU: lip tint 001


The tint enhances the natural shade of the lips and gives them a matte finish.

The natural translucent shade of the lips visibly refreshes the face and gives it brightness and expressiveness.

The high concentration of pigments provides durability and the ability to adjust the color saturation.

The gel texture is easy to apply and evenly distributed, does not spread beyond the contour and is quickly absorbed.

Without feeling of stickiness and discomfort, does not dry or tighten the skin of the lips.

Does not leave marks when touched and kissed, does not imprint on cups (withstands drinks and light snacks).

The hyaluronic complex in the composition provides three-dimensional hydration, making the skin of the lips smooth and supple throughout the day.


– permanent pigment

– matte finish

– saturated color

– does not leave traces of touch

– hyaluronic complex

1. For a natural effect, point a few drops of the tint onto the lips using the applicator and blend immediately with

the fingertips in a dabbing motion or with a small brush. Layer for a deeper and richer shade, being sure to let the coat dry between coats.

2. For a more dense coverage and a rich (bright) shade, evenly apply the tint with an applicator to the entire surface of the lips.

3. To create the effect of “kissed lips”, apply the tint along the line of closing of the lips and gently blend towards the edges.

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