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After Sun, Body Care & Hydration


After Sun, Body Care & Hydration


Brand: So
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Get a chic holographic glow with So…?’s shimmery body mist to make sure your skin exudes a luxurious fragrance and you feel the ultimate comfort.

It elevates radiance to a new level and enhances the beauty of the natural skin tone without leaving marks or an allergic reaction.

After applying the beauty product, a bright fragrance will remain on the body, combining tart grapefruit, classic rose and rich pink sugar crystals.

With it, you can wear a crown and shine brighter than the stars all day long.


Features So…? Glow by So Shimmer Mist Cosmic Queen:

– has a pleasant texture and chic aroma;

– gives a natural and gentle glow to the skin;

– does not leave traces;

– does not emphasize imperfections;

– does not provoke irritation or allergy;

– makes the skin soft and silky;

– has a convenient and economical dispenser;

– the bottle is recyclable;

– has a vegan formula;

– not tested on animals;

– remains on the skin up to 6 hours;

– the bottle is designed for 1000 sprays;

– emphasizes a chic tan and the natural beauty of the skin;

– Suitable for daily use.


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