Bio World Secret Life Self-Tanning Spray Warm 150ml

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BioWorld's Secret Life Self-Tanning Spray Warm keeps skin tanned even without sun exposure.

Self-tanning spray based on natural ingredients gives the skin an intense tan shade that lasts for several days. Spray additionally moisturizes the skin.

This product provides multifaceted care for all skin types, has moisturizing, cleansing, homeostatic, nourishing, immunomodulatory properties. Smoothes and tones, moisturizes, increasing the level of moisture in the stratum corneum. Maintains the elasticity of the skin, preventing the degradation of elastin. It also has the ability to relax facial muscles and prevent the appearance of facial wrinkles.

How to use: To obtain an even tan, apply the cream in a thin even layer, avoiding the area of ​​hair growth. Wash hands thoroughly after use.

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